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In my work I use animation’s innate qualities to tell specific stories that cannot be told through any other form. The use of symbols and metaphors in animation and the possibility to strip reality of all noise, makes it exceptionally suitable for distilling clarity out of chaos. This art form bears close resemblance to regular film, but on the other hand is fundamentally different in the way it is constructed. The tension that it creates is something I am keen on exploiting in my work. Other art forms such as sculpture, literature and performing arts also share characteristics with animated film. By being aware of this, I can use elements and clichés from these media to my advantage, but even more importantly; invalidate them as well.


Right from the moment I was born in the industrial city of Eindhoven, one of the foundations of my taste was planted. My love for bare concrete and preference for the colour grey would never fade again… There between the old factories of Philips, out of utter boredom I started drawing as if my very life depended on it.

When I finally got the chance and the law permitted me to do so, it was time to flee my native soil in exchange for the picturesque city of Breda to try my luck in the wonderful world of arts. By then the industrial character of my home town was already rooted so deeply in my youthful mind that the reputed beauty of the ’southern pearl’ (Breda) could not touch me anymore. Hence, I started my little one-man-factory of animation, to bring back the old familiar conveyor belt in my life. In 2008 I graduated from the art academy with the stop-motion film Archipel, a film that, perhaps quite appropriately, deals with the conflict between the past and the future.

There was no time to catch my breath, no time for a break, the wheels of the factory had to keep turning! And so it happened that before the dust had cleared there was the next film: Structures, a small film on big issues.

From then on the chimneys were happily belching smoke and many wonderful creations were to see the light of day. Life was good during these years. I was in peace with the world and the world was in peace with me, but nothing ever stays the same as all animators should know, and thus in 2010 a new period arrived.

The door to infinite possibilities was opened for me in a residence at the Netherlands Institute for Animation film in Tilburg. I was granted the chance to work on developing my own work for the next two years! But along with great freedom comes great responsibility, and so began a burdensome period of introspection…

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