Finity Calling

In search of its boundaries a child breaks the rules by bringing in the darkness.
The inability of the adults to handle the situation eventually leads to considerable changes for everyone in the room.

The film is an investigation into the principle of finiteness on multiple levels. In an allegoric manner the moment is reconstructed when life becomes temporal. This awareness of mortality has a fundamental influence on the life of a young child.

The stop motion short Finity Calling is a co-production of NIAf, seriousFilm and Walking the dog (BE) and is currently in the pre-production fase. Financed by: NIAf, the Netherlands film fund (NFF), the Flanders audiovisual fund (VAF) & the Creative industries fund (SCI).

Dedicated to the development of this project is a facebook page where you can see progress, designs, thoughts and dilemma’s.

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Finity Calling 004   Finity Calling 007
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